How do we help our clients?

Internationalization consulting & training

We help higher education institutions transform into inclusive, international communities of learning, making them highly attractive for a diversity of students and staff from across the globe. We support HEIs in embedding global responsibility into their international engagement efforts.

Virtual Exchange consulting & training

We support higher education institutions in developing, designing, and facilitating outstanding Virtual Exchange (COIL) programs, providing leadership and facilitation support, guidance on embedding virtual exchange programs in curricula and as part of ‘responsible internationalization’.

Sustainability consulting & training

We help higher education institutions understand the transformational role of sustainability in education, integrate sustainability into their teaching and research, excel in Sustainability Reporting. We provide guidance for educators in overcoming ‘Sustainability Imposter Syndrome’.

The GGSC Expert Program “Virtual Learning Designer and Facilitator”  is a transformational three-month (mid. September – mid. December) Experiential Professional Development (EPD) program helping facilitators/ trainers/ educators optimize and transform their online courses for international learners.

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