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We are a female-led virtual team driving a future-oriented movement of global, conscious, and sustainable thinkers and leaders. We prepare students and young professionals for future careers. We help educators and learning professionals upskill for the digital world. We consult HEIs on internationalization, virtual mobility, and sustainability.

Our objectives

Virtual team cooperation

Apply digital tools for communication in global and/or remote national teams. For workplaces that are independent of time and location.


Take culture into account and develop intercultural competences in order to be successful in Global Virtual Teams.

SDGs integration

Integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into decision making to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth.

Global perspective

By gaining insights into responsibilities, structures, and challenges in Global Virtual Teams.

Self-directed learning

Enhance independence through self-directed learning.

Digital leadership skills

Acquisition of new digital skills and development of digital leadership competences.

Virtual collaboration






Meet our team

Barbara defines herself as a Virtual Enthusiast, researcher by education, speaker by passion and author by results.
Dr. Barbara Covarrubias


Anna is passionate about sustainability and the large number of business models that can be developed to add value to humanity.
Dr. Anna Zinenko


Eithne is passionate about people, connectivity and communication! A practitioner-academic-educator striving for extraordinary results.
FH-Prof. Dr. Eithne Knappitsch


Svetlana is a sociologist, interculturalist, manager of cross-border research teams. 

Dr. Svetlana Buko


GCSC expert program

“Virtual Learning Designer and Facilitator”

A transformational three-month (mid. September – mid. December) Experiential Professional Development (EPD) program helping facilitators/ trainers/ educators optimize and transform their online courses for international learners. Facilitators develop crucial competences necessary for designing and running highly effective online courses based on the formula: Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Tools. The certificate program is embedded in the ongoing Global Case Study Challenge project, where a certification cohort has a unique chance to apply theory to real-life scenarios, observing 400+ international students and professors from 14 countries.


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