COIL / Virtual Exchange


This transformational three week Experiential Professional Development (EPD) program is perfect for anyone looking to excel in Virtual Exchange and COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning). The program combines practical training with easy-to-understand didactics, helping you get ready to lead virtual exchange programs.

The Virtual Exchange/COIL Learning Designer and Facilitator Certificate Program is structured around three comprehensive, interactive modules. Each module offers a deeply immersive experience in virtual intercultural engagement. In these modules, educators will sharpen their skills in creating effective instructional designs and delivering content that resonates across cultures. Participants will also enhance their abilities in facilitating meaningful and deep learning experiences for learners and develop advanced strategies to evaluate and improve the educational outcomes of their VE/COIL programs.

Module 1

Dr. Barbara Covarrubias
Fundamentals of Virtual Exchange and COIL


Module 2

Dr. Anna Zinenko
Effective Learning Content Design and Assessment

Module 3

Dr. Eithne Knappitsch
Facilitating for Engagement in Virtual Exchange



  • Transform your approach to Virtual Exchange.

  • Gain practical skills in setting up and managing VE/COIL projects.

  • Acquire exceptional skills in Virtual facilitation.

  • Craft inclusive and engaging Virtual learning experiences.

This program is for you if you are an:

Lecturer/ Educator

enhance your teaching repertoire with innovative online strategies tailored for the digital era. Develop competencies to create engaging, culturally inclusive, and effective virtual learning environments

Didactics Staff

elevate your training approach with cutting-edge online educational strategies. Gain expertise in developing and implementing curriculum designs that resonate in a virtual setting

International Relations Office Staff

expand your skill set to effectively support and manage international student exchanges and collaborations. Learn to navigate the complexities of virtual international education

COIL or VE Coordinators

enhance your ability to design, implement, and oversee successful COIL or Virtual Exchange programs. Acquire the skills needed to facilitate meaningful global connections and collaborations


I am very grateful for having being part of the GCSC Certificate Program cohort. The whole program was very professionally prepared, organized and delivered. A fair amount of lectured content and inputs for self-study activities. The climate within our cohort was always as very respectful and supportive. The GCSC team set a very positive tone which enhanced the positive attitude that my peers brought to the program. I am sure that I will make good use of the knowledge and tips gained when designing and facilitating COIL projects at my university in the future.

Jan Krimphove

Head of International Affairs at Unichristus

As an Intercultural Trainer & International and Experiential Learning Educator, I’m always looking for ways in which to keep updating my toolbox and improving my program delivery. In 2020 I participated in the Certificate Program and after completing it really recommend it to all involved in training, teaching, coaching, and team building. The Managers are very knowledgeable and have created an amazing learning journey that builds upon their expertise as well as the experience and knowledge of the other educator peers who joined me.
Thanks to this program I was able to design EUSA’s “Virtual Internship Program” and am very pleased with the result! After this course, I am confident that we can deliver meaningful experiential learning opportunities for university students who will be serving companies in the international virtual space!

Almendra Staffa-Healey

Madrid Director of EUSA Academic Internship Programs

I got engaged in the course from the very first moment. Everything about this program was different and innovative: the fun and warm environment, the use they did of music, the structure and dynamics, the visuals and graphics, and the online learning platform.
This course provided me with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and tools that I need to create an intercultural and educational project in and out of the virtual space. This program also enlarged my professional network and brought me new possibilities for collaboration.
Recommendable? 100%

Amaia Ojer

Global Education Consultant & Strategist

The GCSC was not only a training and a program but also a community. During it, I learned so many valuable tools, resources, and processes with the highly experienced GCSC program educators, and also from my fellow peers. I highly recommend the program for those that wish to take their content and training to the next level as educators as well as create meaningful connections with people who are likewise passionate about Intercultural education and training!

Weirong Li

Founder Raw Culture

I often think of that time in 2020; the training, contacts, while seeing the view in the backroom seats to all the action of the Global Case Study challenge. It was a lifeline for me both professionally and personally at the time. I’m very grateful to have been part of the 2020 cohort. It helped me feel more settled in the virtual space and find my way around what matters there too. These days, I strongly identify as a digital migrant, who is forever learning and I continue to make the most of what’s possible with this late-stage career, hybrid identity!

Liz Hayes (PhD)

Director, Corporate Community

The COIL/Virtual Exchange Learning Design and Facilitation Program is a short intensive professional development program with 3 live modules addressing skills for successful COIL/VE design and facilitation.

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