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Students are organized in global virtual teams and are assigned a case study and different activities to work on as a team over a period of 8 weeks. While working on international business challenges, not only do students gain knowledge in the different thematic areas of the case studies, but also experience how to work with people from different cultures, time zones, study programmes and all that in the virtual context!

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This ground breaking textbook edited by Christoph Barmeyer & Peter Franklin applies a constructive approach to the issue of managing across cultures.

Intercultural Management demonstrates how cultural diversity can be used as a resource to demonstrate synergy and complementarity. Taking the form of an edited collection, it offers a fascinating range of perspectives from a global panel of experts in the discipline.

This book is the ideal companion for our #GCSC!

More information about the book online here.

Intercultural Management represents one of the pillars of our #GCSC online program, and helps us to achieve incredible results after each edition.

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€ 15*


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€ 250*


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€ 500*

* GCSC  is a not-for-profit project. We charge only a participation fee to cover our basic administrative expenses. If you are not able to pay the full fee, the educator can apply for a partial or full participation fee waiver. The waivers are available for educators/universities from developing and low-income countries, or from countries where banking regulations do not permit payments overseas.


The GCSC assignment has been an excellent international project management program. The key point of the program has been the intercultural cooperation.

Dr. József Poór

Professor at János Selye University

It was definitely a great challenge to collaborate with students and professionals from all over the world, and coordinate meetings taking into account the different cultures and time zones.

Elena Anguita Lueza

Student at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Working with other students in a digitalized way is the perfect preparation for future jobs, as you learn technical skills but also intercultural competence.
Simon Haas

Student at Deggendorf Institute of Technology

I learned that it is possible to work on a task with foreign people quite well, although you never got or will get in touch with them personally; before this project I could not imagine this way of working.

Having the opportunity to participate in the GCSC was one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had! The GCSC proposes a lot of challenges related to globalization, as you communicate with people from different cultures, timezone and routines. Furthermore, you have contact with different points of view which is the amazing part of the job.
Caroline Maldaner Heller

Student at Universidade do Vale dos Sinos

Great project and experience both for students and professors. Good way of teaching students of different ways of communication, team work and critical thinking.

Natasa Tandir

Professor at International Burch University

The GCSC was a great learning experience! Students learned how to work in an international team, how to communicate to overcome cultural differences and more!

Amie van Woudenberg

Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

For me, editing the case was a very interesting and important experience. It is important to respond to people of other cultures in the best possible way and to satisfy their needs in the best possible ways.

…the global case study was an interesting way to identify how cooperating across borders works. I have learned that disagreements can arise in a group working process, but it is very important to work as a group and not as an individual to perform well.

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