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Dr. Barbara Covarrubias

Barbara defines herself as a Virtual Enthusiast, researcher by education, speaker by passion and author by results.

She is passionate about New Ways of Working & Learning, Positive Leadership & CULTURE overall. For the past 10 years, she has been very involved with the intercultural community across the globe, not only as a researcher or professional, but also as a virtual team leader and team member.

She recently founded the platform #virtualspacehero, a platform to create a space for a community of virtual enthusiasts (or to be’s) to exchange on a regular basis on different topics about the virtual classroom, virtual events and working, leading, collaborating remotely. Besides, she leads #virtualspacehero production, a company focusing on EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual events.

She works and teaches in English, Spanish, Italian and German. Besides, she is a passionate dancer (13+ dancing styles) and developed a training concept with the title “Dance your way into leadership”.

FH-Prof. Dr. Eithne Knappitsch

Eithne is passionate about people, communication and connectivity! A practitioner-academic-educator striving for extraordinary results.

Eithne is Professor of Intercultural Management at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, School of Management, where she heads a Bachelor In Intercultural Management. She has been working internationally for 20 years, predominantly at universities. She’s an advocate of the value of coherent theory and research in producing extraordinary practice..

As an interculturalist, Eithne is fascinated by the interplay of culture, communication and consciousness in the workplace (both online and onsite) and an advocate of compassionate and conscious leadership. Her research, teaching and training interests lie in the fields of intercultural interaction, unconscious bias and diversity management.

Eithne the President of SIETAR Austria and curator of TEDxKlagenfurt. She works in German and English, speaks French and Gaeilge.

Dr. Anna Zinenko

Anna is a Professor of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, International Business, and Marketing. She defines her teaching philosophy as a holistic one, drawing constant interconnections between different subjects, teaching approaches, and cultures, and embedding sustainability and its principles in all her classes. Over the last six years, Anna worked with more than 2000 students from five continents, paying particular attention to their needs and interests.

Her research interests include sustainability strategy, corporate social responsibility instruments, and sustainability integration in different cultural frameworks.

Before starting her path in education, Anna had an opportunity to work for MNCs and IGOs, receive solid preparation in multiple disciplines (Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Technology, MSs in Ecological Economics, BBA in Management), and live in five different countries.

Anna is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, and has basics in Persian, Danish, and Catalan languages. Her special interests outside of the professional world are healthy nutrition, yoga, and learning from world cultures.

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